Remembering the past of LoTN LLC

Who knows what life will hold

Remembering the past of LoTN LLC

I’ve been thinking a lot about the past recently. Looking for investors to get LoTN back the way it used to be. Found it on the archive of back when it was new and small before I added most of the categories and products as well as new re-designs with the Magento 2 e-commerce platform. It started out on Opencart but with the type of integrations for product base and marketplaces I needed that I outgrew that platform and moved to the original Magento platform within the first couple months. I grew it to 1M+ revenue in the first year and had over 200,000 active in stock products shipping from over 20 warehouses across the united states. I regret shutting it down when I went to work for Compucom at VSP Global due to having just gotten everything fully automated with live inventory updates and customer orders coming in from multiple platforms and marketplaces and automatically being piped through my Magento platform and out to the warehouses for fulfillment. The downside to that would be I may not have gotten to know the people I looked at like family at VSP Global (which was most of the company) over the 4 year period I was there. I’d love some feedback as far as rebuilding LoTN and Computer Consumer Inc. I had ideas of bringing it back up and even adding an online pharmacy. I’ve gotten registered with an NPI # and in the Medicare/Medicaid CMS system for EHR and PECOS. I figure only a small amount of red tape from that point to be able to open that up as a new market to jump into.

Lessons learned in the past can fast track our future. Below are links to different timelines of LoTN’s past.

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