Justice is lost in Sacramento

Who knows what life will hold

Justice is lost in Sacramento

Sacramento Sheriffs

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By the way. The police report shows that I was ARRESTED on 6/22/20. Amber Fay Harper with around 15 of her friends came in on me the day before I hit my alarm, the writings in her apparent Journals which were left at my house when I had finally gotten them out of my destroyed house in January show that she or they had been planning to attempt to get me committed and try to take over my house. She seems to also be working with a realtor as shows in one of her Journal entries. By the way these Journals were written in notebooks I received from Intel Corp at Intel Solutions Summits which are for Intel Technology Provider Platinum Partners only. I don’t think she ran one of those, I ran 2… (LoTN LLC and Computer Consumer Inc)

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Subject: RE: This was written for webmd review, sorry for the 3rd person writing.
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The things I have described below were only a couple of the issues I’ve experienced. The 5250 certification that was placed on me also came along with trying to make me sign papers that I could not own/posses/handle a firearm for 5 years. The Sacramento county Sheriffs had also done an illegal search of my residence/religious lockbox at XXXXXXXX which also involved them going through both LoTN LLC and Computer Consumer Inc records as well as private Medical records that were in my home where they found my spare gun safe key on opposite side of my home in a filebox in top of my closer causing me not to be able to defend myself or my property later but that part was not caused initially by psychiatric Doctors. It does however with the further sharing of my PHI-1 and PHI-2 Hippa protected medical records stop me from being able to get my firearms back from the Sacramento County Sheriffs property warehouse. These records that UC Davis and Sierra Vista have are being openly shared with the county and state.

I have had stress breakdowns as well as losing my home and had my spine broken with 3 major fractures, my ankles/feet/legs broken (25-30 fractures were just in my feet) from being robbed and pushed down an elevator shaft at a construction site, femur shattered/pelvis broken/and bone under bridge of my nose broken when attacked in jail after being robbed at my above address by home invaders that I hit my panic alarm on since both my cell phones and my house/car keys were stolen/ribs broken again/lower area of back further damaged (this is after the first injury), the people robbing me of all my property in my home were using my wheelchair to  roll my property down the driveway when the Sacramento County deputies arrived, the home invaders told the deputies that I had threatened to kill 2 of them with knives. The home invaders also told the deputies that one of them (Amber Harper) was my tenant so in response to that they came into my home through the back door and when I was coming out of my master bedroom there was a firing squad of 6 Sacramento Sheriffs, I dropped the kitchen knife I had in my hand into a box in corner of room by the bedroom door and took a step back when they yelled drop my weapon! I raised my hands up in the air and next thing the one on the right put his hand to his mouth open palmed like to make an announcement then yelled GUN GUN!! I had enough time to say wait I’m not armed and have my hands up before Deputy Mahm shot me 3 times above the left nipple with (less lethal) 12 gauge shotgun rounds which made me take cover behind bathroom door begging for my life then they pulled me out from behind door and put me face down on the ground and cuffed my hands behind back before they had dog attack my arm biting multiple times and then from the look of the wounds on my arm stabbed me in the arm twice. I didn’t know about the stabbing until a month or so later when bandages were off.

My name is John Best (Patriot) and NRA Benefactor Member # 154139822

NRA currently has XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX as my address which I will be updating to the Rocklin address soon as due to squatters destroying my home and multiple acts of the of the Sac Sheriffs department I am currently having construction workers and Coldwell Banker assist with repairing around $40,000 dollars worth of damage to my house, the loss of both of my vehicles, every piece of my property being destroyed or stolen by Amber Harper and Sac Mob members like someone named Drail that when broke my jaw, my ribs, and my arm when I tried to return to MY home and property and the sheriffs still refused to even arrest them or take a criminal report, they just gave the people that had taken my home with the help of the Sacramento County Sheriffs department the first time in June 4 days to get their property out of my house (which included ALL of my property that was still in the house other than what they left completely destroyed. I will place a link to my website which will have pictures of what the house looked like after this 4 days as well as a few pictures of me. I’ll also show some pictures of what the house normally looked like (other than my furniture and possessions that are normally in the house since they were destroyed/stolen) that were taken after the repairs (it normally has furniture/large tv’s/plenty of electronics being I’m a techie kind of guy and very beautiful people over for adult recreation (smileyface)). 

I am a Minister as well as a Patriot/Benefactor Member of the NRA as well as a Nominee for the National Patriots Medal and I believe I am still a  Golden Eagles member as well. Could you tell me if I won the National Patriots medal? My house was occupied by the unwanted guests that had me thrown in jail and and they stole/opened all the mail that came to my house before I regained control of it.

She thinks by opening and writing on my mail that adding her name makes her a member of things like NRA or owner of a house.

Please Sheriff Department at least arrest her for felony mail theft. I found a few pieces of my mail out of the likely thousands of articles of my mail that had been sent to house open with her writing on them. Also add charges of fraud as she had contacted credit union and mortgage company trying to take over my accounts and my credit and home mortgage.

John Best

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Hello Dr. Best,

This letter is in response to the concerns you shared with us in your email message on February 15, 2021 regarding the conduct, care, and privacy concerns you experienced from Dr. Richard Alan Cross while an inmate at Sacramento County Jail. Specifically, you expressed concerns with being given medications that you were possibly allergic to, and not having your personal health information protected when discussing your health with you in front of others. We really appreciate you sharing this feedback with us and sincerely apologize for the distress this experience has caused you.

For your records, your concerns were filed as case # 108689

The details of your concerns were forwarded to our Medical and Regulatory Affairs department for a confidential and comprehensive review by medical professionals. These concerns were also forwarded to Dr. Helen Kales, Psychiatry Division Chair, for review and appropriate action. Additionally, the concerns regarding the alleged privacy breach were forwarded to our Compliance department for review. These reviews were completed on February 18, 2021. While the details of these reviews are confidential and therefore, not shared with the patient or their family, I would like to assure you that a thorough review was completed, and appropriate follow up action was taken.

Thank you again for bringing these issues to our attention. I would like to reassure you that we take this feedback very seriously and truly appreciate this opportunity to review our practices, care, and communication for improvement purposes.

If you have any questions or concerns in the future, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (916) 734-9777 or via email at hs-patientrelations@ucdavis.edu. We wish you all the best.


Eduardo Alvarez

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Subject: This was written for webmd review, sorry for the 3rd person writing.
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This Dr Richard Alan Cross should have his licenses pulled and never again be allowed to practice medicine. He instructs his people to force inmates in Sacramento county jail to take medications with no regard to the inmates life even after he himself and all his staff had been informed about allergies and severe reactions to the medication. He further refused to allow the inmate to have his own attorney and forced him to be railroaded with a public defender even though he had a paid attorney already retained and had actually spoken to that attorney about it less than 10 minutes before the 5250 hearing. The 5150 in writing was not given to the patient/inmate nor was it explained to him in any way. The 5150 paper was found on the floor in cell with reasoning for stating he is a danger to himself being that as his staff wrote inmate John Best said he was a Dr and owned a pharmacy or something similar to that and that he stated he was god. They may have heard the inmate speaking about god being that he is a MINISTER of the Universal Life Church as well as a Dr  https://npiregistry.cms.hhs.gov/registry/provider-view/1790305530 

Dr Cross also had my records from Sierra Vista and also questioned me about my being treated for syphilis in front of both staff and multiple other inmates multiple times. His way of forcing an inmate who until being threatened with Zyprexa which I explained to them it makes me feel like I’m being hit by tasers over and over for 6-8 hours is to have 6 deputies with a riot shield come into the cell and slam me 5-8 feet back through the air and into the back corner of the wall. I am gauging dstance by being in front of bed to being against wall at other end of bed. They cracked my head into the wall causing it to bleed and cracked my ribs. I believe this also weakened my femur and hip bone structure as they took hard hits as well and this was a short time before I was attacked in the jail and a simple fall from standing position ended up shattering my femur and breaking hip (this was treated at uc davis after being made to wait 4 days with badly broken leg in severe pain with no pain killers. Being forced to actually sit on a bench in their booking area holding cell for 3 days being dehydrated severely and on suicide watch being denied any medical treatment. I begged every deputy that passed by for water and they would just point at the water fountain on other side of cell and said its right there get It yourself. I was fortunately able to get about 1 in 20 deputies to get me water. I was telling them I think my leg is broken and some of them responded with comments like if you had a broken leg it’d be in this paper work next to door and they’d immediately take you to the hospital. I spent 4 days telling them this. It is noted in UC Davis records from the time of injury to the time they allowed treatment. I mention this because it is related to both jail medical treatment and psychiatric treatment and both are provided by UC Davis. I am planning to start my search for attorneys to take up the cases and hopefully get some nice large class action suits against the county and UC Davis. I will also be making HIPPA suits as UC Davis and Sierra Vista both seem to have 0 problem sharing my PHI 1 and PHI 2 data between each other and the county sheriffs without my permission.

Maybe I’ll call Kurtis and also email every Media agency across the county and online about this.