Microsoft + 2 Factor = SOL

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Microsoft + 2 Factor = SOL

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I have been trying to months to regain access to both my Microsoft and Google accounts. I have thousands of dollars worth of storage subscriptions, phone apps, software and game licenses for pc’s. With Google I haven’t been able to get ahold of anyone to help me due to covid and them not seeming to have any support people around now…. Microsoft on the other hand I have gone through numerous contacts with support, brought it up to their Microsoft Standards of Business Conduct, and their executives. I have informed them I have thousands of dollars in software licenses. All of my backups and every piece of technology I owned in my home were stolen during the past year from my home, the only backups I still have are on onedrive and google drive. I’d also like to say as soon as I gain access to my Microsoft outlook account I will immediately have access to all my other accounts that use the Outlook account as their recovery email. I informed them by email multiple times of the previous information as well as having multiple crypto wallets as well as all the pictures/videos/contact information I have gained in the past couple decades.

Microsoft’s only response is to have some bottom level customer service rep email me to tell me the only way to get back into my account is to have the phone number I no longer have because Verizon in 2 months of not being able to pay gave both my phone numbers to someone else. This is a phone number I have had since I was 15 years old and originally got the phone number from a company who later became Verizon…. I’m now 39 btw and this causes me major issues even if I had access to the accounts.

Microsofts only response so far has been to just make a new account. Even though I have multiple windows and office software licenses on the account. Multiple xbox game and pc game licenses on the account, multiple crypto wallets and hundreds of gigs of photos/videos as well as my onedrive/office365/skype subscriptions being active. They tell me if I can’t use the form online to reset and get back in I have no choice but to make a new account. This account also I believe has backups to all of my prior websites like LoTN LLC’s full Magento platform which will cost me countless dollars and hours to remake.

Microsoft knows I do not have access to my old phone #, nor do I have the authenticator that had the account on it because my devices were stolen. They are knowingly keeping me from my crypto wallets and all of my business resources.

So no matter how much you have spent with Microsoft, even if the account in question is actually also a Microsoft Authorized Partner and Refurbished, as well as a customer since the 90’s, you are completely SOL if you lose your phone # and get your house robbed…

It’s kind of funny, even non tech companies that know almost nothing about technology have the ability to help you get back into your accounts with 2 factor after you send them your drivers license and whatever else they need to identify you. Yet one of the biggest and oldest Software companies in existence states there is absolutely no way to get back into your account or get your data back or your software licenses that you paid THEM directly for. That is in addition to pictures and videos of people that are no longer alive that you can’t replace……

Thanks a lot Microsoft !!!

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