October 18th 2019 the day I died..

Who knows what life will hold

October 18th 2019 the day I died..

This day started as just part of a 2 day ordeal where Iwas stranded in the bay area due to my Bank of America debit card being blocked out for fraud when I was attempting to eat at McDonalds and then get a ticket home on Amtrak. I was unable to find any live power outlets walking around Berkeley all day and night trying to find power to get my phone working and call the bank so I could get card working to get home. I ended up just jumping on the Amtrak after a few hours of hearing my name called in multiple directions and going back and forth between where I was hearing them, I boarded without a ticket and ended up being kicked off in Fairfield that night. While there it got colder and I started looking online for anyone who might be able to help me get home to Sacramento, the voices started up again and were sounding like they were coming from the parking lot, then on top of the platform near the tracks and then across the street at a construction site. I was going back and forth between them for awhile other than across street since it was a bit further but eventually I went over there since the voices were coming from there frequently. This was shortly after 9pm I believe, when I went over there I was led up to the top by 3 younger men likely in their 20’s and once at the top I’m not sure if I was shoved or if they just tripped into me but I was knocked down into the elevator shaft and was able to catch myself less than halfway down by grabbing the ladder while falling. I climbed back to the top and when my hands got to top of the ladder one of them started prying my fingers up until I again fell but this time multiple stories all the way to the ground. 2 of them came down and walked up to me and said to each other “do you still wanna fuck em?” I begged them not and to just call 911 as I was dripping blood and bones were visible from my feet, the second said back to the other “no he’s probably worthless now anyways” and they left me there to die.

Somehow I was able to get up and walk I’m guessing 20-30 feet to where a refrigeration unit was sitting on a concrete slab where I laid until Morning when construction workers got there a few hours after daylight. They called emergency services and after the police finished questioning me while I was bleeding out they finally let paramedics take me to North Bay healthcare where I stayed for about a week and a half in ICU and had a few back/foot surgeries until I was stable enough to transport to UC Davis in Sacramento where I underwent multiple procedures and was kept until Mid December. Once I got out I was in a wheelchair and started a nightmare following 7 months of people breaking in and robbing me and my house on a nearly daily basis, they would steal my phones and all my Medications including any painkillers I had for my extreme pain that I was going through every day. Most of the time they stole the replacement phones the same day I was able to replace them. I had no way to call for help and no way to get to doctors for follow-ups. The insurance company MetLife did nothing to help secure the home and refused to pay to even replace the windows so I at least people couldn’t just reach in the back window and unlock the door to walk in and rob me like they had been doing. I still haven’t been able to get them to pay any claims and the first one was for when I was carjacked and kidnapped in Davis, CA at Mace Ave park n ride, I’ll write about that one soon.

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