When I first started hearing the voices.

Who knows what life will hold

When I first started hearing the voices.

Dream Hacking

I was in San Francisco in a building near a Church at the very top of an extremely steep hill above downtown area. I remember a room which reminded me of something I’d figure I’d see in a game like fallout when you are coming out of a shelter and going through a oval shaped room that just had a shower and a sink that exited I think through a stairway that went directly to a parking garage. I was hearing voices telling me to go with them but couldn’t see any of them. I ended up walking around the streets of San Francisco and was hearing them call my name and kept hearing them say Blue for some reason I’m not sure why. I started hearing them talk about ascension and company gods and others that were ascended but to a lower level. When I got back to Sacramento it got more constant. The voices were telling me I needed to be wearing a blindfold to ascend when they shot me with red bullets “god killing bullets as they described them” as they were saying my body needed to die and have blindfold on blocking out all light to ascend me back up to where I would be able to see them. I was hearing more voices saying they were in the spirit realm or others that were from another Galaxy that identified themselves as Doppelgangers. The voices were telling me about things like that this Earth was the original from the first plane of existence in the first multiverse. Not the first string or timeline as there are infinite strings existing simultaneously and all are exist from the Alpha event in the beginning of existence to the Omega in each reset of existence. They explained in a way that the main sentient beings in the multiverse were all Eternal other than humans at least in our physical bodies. When the body dies the spirit basically flys off to the realm of spirits and actually can be contacted. It gets a bit stranger as whenever I said something the voices reacted to it as it made changes to their existence or planet/dimension/timeline. I made a statement saying all existence is eternal but ended up needing to undo that as I was hearing so many bad responses happening one being that the human race did not yet have a complete set of important people that are needed for future history if that makes sense, I started hearing about Ethereal’s and one that was floating around space actually calling itself and holding title of GOD. It is hard to explain but it ended up in a telepathic/psychic shoving match which kept resetting over and over. It was kinda like an episode of futurama where the role of GOD was played by Bender. When it started the being was confused like wait a minute how the hell do you see me or know where I am? Then (I was actually on my couch in my living room seeing a light glowing through my mail slot). the mail slot looked like it was squint and be like wait a minute ……. dad??? Wait why do you still have a body and flesh and bones? I don’t remember where the conversation went from there but it ended in repeated telepathic shoving matches and at one point I said something along the lines of everything in existence knows everything that has ever been is or will be that has ever existed in any reset of existence. I don’t remember the exact words but for the next couple weeks I was hearing everything around me respond verbally like they were just waking up and suddenly all spoke English. For example a mineral water bottle started talking. The empire and Janeway from Star Trek were characters that had very real sounding voices and responses. Janeway was brought into existence as a safety in case I screwed up and said something that would cause major problems, we gave her the ability to know 5 minutes ahead of time the outcome of what was done and the ability to approve or deny the infalible statements made and also placed the Empire under starfleet command which ended up being Janeway as Starfleet currently just consisted of 2 Enterprises (Kirk and Picard) and Voyager. Ok that part was made up completely from my mind but I was getting actual vocal responses from these characters. That night I would think of things like calling people on screen for example George Lucas and at the same time Gene Roddenberry from the realm of spirits on screen as well and they started talking to each other. George lucas was in Marin county and not the realm of spirits and was watching the lights at Marin County jail be clicked on and off remotely by a wall plug adapter with a usb-c adapter from a Pixel 4 XL plugged into it. At some point I thought of Nile Mittow that I used to know from hacker lab and put him on Voyagers bridge, I’d hear audio feedback that sounded like his voice freaking out and trying to get selfie with Janeway and also the actress that played Janeway which was also on the bridge. I asked Janeway the question of how they go to the restroom as I remember seeing a documentary on STTNG that there was only one bathroom on the Enterprise. I received a response within seconds that she had to check computer as they never even thought about it and the answer was they had transporters automatically beaming the feces and urine out of all life onboard… < Not something I could even imagine would come from my brain as an answer…

I’ve been going back and forth over the past year thinking I’m going completely insane but then have things that I can’t explain but completely end up lining up. And its things that I cant see myself even possibly thinking up as many of the things I’d never heard of before.

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