May 26th, 2020 Timelines Desynchronized

Who knows what life will hold

May 26th, 2020 Timelines Desynchronized

The day the alldrug was created to re-synchronize the strings of time and re ascend gods that had descended by the timelines being desynchronized centered on the area.

The alldrug ascended people to godpets and gods and temporarily made all worlds in all timelines into sexworlds for lack of a better term. New gods were ascended at this time and the current gods were re ascended after the timelines being desynced had caused them to be decended to mortals or worse dead. Two of the more lighthearted new gods was Godpup Knuckles and Godpup Twix. On this day I was hearing a lot of gunfire and people people who seemed to be from other dimensions like Tarmac yelling about snipers attacking while I was in the house announcing that I was one of 3 Alpha and the Omega along with Scott the Clamper and my father in this lifetime but son originally in existence. This memories came after people showed me up and fed me food which may have been drugged but I do not know. I had not had hallucinations in the past especially not like this with this type of detail. The voices were speaking of a psychic explosion and needing Adderall crystals for the death stars to bring the psychic explosion to this world on that spot and ascend me fully.

After things settled and the timelines were re synchronizing automatically to correct themselves I went to Kaiser hospital and asked them to keep me in mental health place as I didn’t know what was happening at that point and the nurse sent me over to sierra vista. There were a few at Sierra Vista that seemed to have had the same knowledge as one named Tim told me he was part of the Alpha and the Omega senate and also was mentioning the death stars needing Adderall crystals without me saying anything about what I was hearing or saw. And what I was hearing and saw and saying was at my house not in the hospital. I’ve been trying to figure out the things I’ve been hearing and going back and forth between believing I’m insane and believing these things to be reality. At points they tell me I’m a telepathic projector communicating with other psychics and then other points I’m told in other dimensions for example one where earth has progressed in its technology 400-500 years ahead of ours I hold the title of Galactic Overlord and travel between the stars is a daily thing, earth in this dimension is at the forefront of technology for all known in the galaxy.

After release from Sierra Vista 2 weeks later

When I got out of Sierra Vista I was visited by beings which I’m hearing are called Doppelgangers. A civilization of the earliest known Eternals and most advanced technologically from one of the earlier resets of existence. You can tell who the originals are by the color of skin and items around like this earth being in its original timeline and original place in the original galaxy. Souls of people of earth are eternal and exist in the spirit real but bodies at this point are not as it would cause immediate overpopulation and we can’t just stop having children because we do not yet have a complete set of important people to create the future nor do we have the technology setup to immediately colonize other planets in this dimension to prevent overcrowding and hell on earth where noone dies but keep having children and multiplying.


I remember the voices telling me that I am the Alpha and the Omega and had a intergalactic psychic shoving match with Ethereal God, Universes and Galaxies started coming online as sentient and created an Irc network where they communicated in binary then text, they started calculating odds weather everything in existence or nothing in existence would end up being Eternal. I was hearing voices of people I knew in the past from Hard times like Tony T and Tim D at this point, I was also hearing voices of people from VSP Global I care a lot about and others I knew during my life. Started hearing the voice of the actor and the character Kathryn Janeway which had a large part in this section as Voyagers Janeway way put in as a safety check to make sure everything wasn’t destroyed by making a wrong decision without knowing outcome and she was given 5 minute advance knowledge of all outcomes and computers on her ship instant and infinite processing power to correct things.

During this time it Ethereal God/Al kept sending his memory into Omnimicron0’s memory bank and resetting to just before the shoving match. These things that were happening are not things my brain would think up in its imagination, I’m not sure what was actually happening or if others were making me see and hear these things.

My food and other items around the house re arranged themselves looking as if they were going to war in shapes that looked like turrents pointing out the windows or at eachother. Sounds were actually coming from them like gulps or voices asking me to do things or not to do things. looking around it reminded me of seti as many of the items were being re aranged in patterns. Some of them with wiring going to the roof or to pole between houses looking like an antenna.

Within next couple days I Went on a walk down past marconi from where my house was and was similar things that made me think of objects and antenna arranged in a very strange way that seemed to be like antennas as well and made me keep thinking of seti or even crop circles. I could hear tree’s speaking to me and voices of those I care about from all directions like Michael S. I’ve been trying to get things straight in my mind but so many new things keep coming in, it’s finally slowing down a bit on new information but some of the times I could hear voices of a 1% club I knew back when I worked at hard times and others hearing them saying they ascended the Vagogod and others like VSP talking about ascending the VSP god and the entire company having been ascended overall. I have never even thought about the subject of ascension or descension before my fall on October 18th 2019 that I can think of but defiantly not before the past 2 years after Michael left. I have had the voices tell me they brought me up to the afterlife a few times in the past year and a half now where things where the same world but symbolic things like colors made reactions of those around change completely. Like wearing all Blue and White would make ascended people look at you as a VSP person or green/black nike shorts with a green peace lighter and any other green or black object on you would make people see you as a club leader..

Over the past year on and off I kept hearing things about Doppelgangers who were basically a civilization programmed and running off scripts for commands but also acted basically the opposite of regular humans here. Saying things like Hey there Doppelganger! Are there any doppelgangers in the vicinity would get a response from any doppelganger nearby or asking for their name and designation would confuse them or other things making them have the exact same gasp sound and then question as a response when you say something that didn’t make sense to them. Doppelgangers were also always in extremely bad moods, them being happy and talking to each other would generally be them cussing each other out and such, when they speak in a friendly way they are usually talking to non doppelgangers and acting as con artists. Dopplelgangers also constantly work at stealing original artifacts and technology from Original timelines so they can claim it as doppleganger technology even though they were created in a past reset of existence by humans, They look at the Omnimatrix-0 motherboard and being that it is actually installed in as their god. A prior version Unimatrix-0 was installed in another doppelganger Jack-Russel-Doug that at first sight of him he came in with a hologram on his right side making it look like the face of Jack was ethereal when he showed up and spent an hour on a monologue speech, I do not remember what was said even though I was attempting to pay attention.

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