Lightsaber Battle against Rob

Who knows what life will hold

Lightsaber Battle against Rob

One week prior to May 26th, I’m not sure how far back, probably February, I was hearing the voice of someone I knew long ago attacking and threatening like it was a warzone, it was like him from a massive number if dimensions non stop attacking and I was in my home defending it with a lightsaber. I was not visibly seeing it most of the night but I would see what looked like sabre flashes randomly and hear it. I could even smell the smell of what was possibly flesh burning. This went on all night long with them blinking in reinforcements like it was a massive Jedi vs Sith battle where it was me vs thousands of Rob’s trying to protect a few people in my house like Ronyn, a young man I tried to keep off the streets during Christmas time the past couple years. I wasn’t able to do it this year after all has happened. I had even been hearing the name Rob Zombie (different from first named Rob) come up multiple times like my life was being made into some type of reality show for ascended people called King of the Gods. I was hearing that Rob Zombie was coming to back me up and protect the house. (I was not some fan of rob zombie and hardly remembered his name before this for the record). The night started in my master bedroom next to the driveway hearing that they were looking for me to attack and kill me if I remember right. I was hiding under the bed trying to avoid conflict until I was hearing that they had Ronyn in there and he pointed out my location. I came out from cover and moved to the living room where I continued to hear and sometimes see/smell things moving in there like flashes of green/red light. Throughout the night it was hard to tell if it was reality for me or what was actually happening. I felt like I was in a lightsaber battle with thousands of invisible people there and also in the back bedroom for the entire night until I was severely worn out and ended up passing out of the couch in the living room.

I’ve been struggling with reality for the past 2 years and don’t know what to do.

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