Channeling Jimi Hendrix

Who knows what life will hold

Channeling Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

One of the nights around the time I was hearing that The empire and many technologies had existed in prior resets of everything in existence and that I was there since the beginning and there has been over 226 thousand resets of everything in existence. In the past reset a man linked with my soul named Maxwell in that lifetime created the empire and most of its technology. One of these nights I was going over things with the voices and ended up with Jimi Hendrix and Gene Roddenberry back from the spirit realm, Gene was on viewscreen and had George Lucas and the actress that played Janeway on voyager as well as the character responding in real life. At some point during the night I went into my office with a bong in omnimatrix-0 configuration and a Blue and Chrome techno torch where a doppleganger named Demean swiped his finger over the side of it and made a lock switch just appear where his finger swiped on the lightsaber looking torch and went back to my living room to continue talking with the voices if I remember correctly. That night I went back to the office and in my hallway stepped on a piece of glass which hurt badly and made my heel bleed non stop blood for awhile, I tried to use gillete to stop the blood flow and then the techno torch on its highest setting which had a foot long flame to try to stop the blood flow, the torch actually felt soothing to my foot and used it to warm up pointed it at my face as well which felt like a blow dryer on my face. Later that night while the 2 dopplegangers slept on a mat I started hearing Jimi hendrix music and started moving to the music as well as smoking from the bong in a strange way, there wasn’t much of anything in the bong when started but I was breathing through it and around it icing the bong up and ended up seeing purple smoke and then a small block of what looked like crystal pop out of the stem like an ice cube dropping into it. I don’t know what was happening that night but I am having a hard time describing what I saw and felt. At other points during this week or night I had everything in existence seem to become sentient. Like my laptop being known as petamatrix-0 laptop going off and basically starting warzones in space or things as simple as bottles of vitamin water ascending to High Overlord Warlord and being placed in charge of the people in the empire causing problems.

Another time I remember laying on my couch with 2 steak knives which the voices called steak knives of the apocalypse recoding everything that has ever existed in every plain of existence and ever reset of existence including all levels of fact checkers and their logs to try to fix everything in history and the future. This was at the same time as trying to stop “Twinky Jimmy” (not Hendrix) for lack of a better name from trying to fix everything but in the wrong places causing havok everywhere and breaking technologies everywhere.

Still waiting on those technology deliveries from the dimension 400 years more advanced, maybe the empire can assist with getting it here.

-Future Galactic Overlord

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