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Me with Broken back legs and ankles

My past 2 years of life and observations of how the world is going. I have seen the worst of this world and hope to start seeing changes for the best. Comments I add below are my personal experiences and others are welcome to add theirs. Right now I am still in a very bad spot as over the past couple years I’ve dealt with losing job within a week of being carjacked and kidnapped, being able to escape back to Sacramento only to be treated like a criminal and have Davis police take my property and make it impossible to retrieve for someone in my circumstances. Have had house under foreclosure and been put down a multiple story drop in Fairfield at a construction site which broke my spine in 3 places and my feet/ankles/lower legs shattered. (I got up and tried to walk it off but only made it around 30 feet where I laid on a piece of concrete until morning when construction workers found me.) I’ve been in and out of hospital both for my injuries and hearing voices going to UC Davis, Kaiser, and Sierra Vista. I’ve had people invade my home robbing me daily after getting out of hospital in December 2019 and after getting out of Sierra Vista they directly invaded me until I hit my panic alarm for help and they told Sheriffs that one of them was a tenant of mine and stated I threatened them with a knife, This got me shot 3 times by the Sacramento Sheriffs with my hands up in the air and then from the look of my arm both bitten by dog and stabbed in the arm while face down in hand cuffs. While in I was attacked and my femur shattered and pelvis broken to point where femur was filled with titanium spike and bolted back into my pelvis. I have not been able to get disability since July 7th 2020. When I got out from jail after these false accusations I tried to return to my house which was now inhabited by an Amber Harper (one who said she was a tenant to the sheriffs and said I threatened her) who had 2 guys calling themselves Sac Mob take my mothers cell phone and throw me out of my house and one threatened to shoot me. I contacted sheriffs who said I had to evict them since they were residents of the house.

Sacramento county sheriffs helped these people take my home from me and move in while throwing me in jail because I asked them for help while these people were robbing me.

I went back a month later after 30 notice of termination of tenancy was up and went in as a lawyer suggested and had locksmith change locks while noone was in the home. While there Amber Harper and a black male I believe named Dtrain came back, the male jumped through a window and came in behind me attacking me with a skateboard forcing me out the front door then went back in. A few minutes later while I was waiting for law enforcement he came back out and attacked me with skateboard a 2nd time breaking my jaw, ribs, and possibly ulna, hospital wasn’t sure on if the ulna was a fracture or not or wasn’t clear about it.

The sheriffs would not let me press criminal charges on them until days later when the Sutter Hospital called them out about it. The sheriffs just gave them 4 days to get their stuff out of the house. All of my property and appliances and home itself are damaged or gone. I’m trying to put down some of the things I remember here as I think of them. Right now I’m staying at my mothers house trying to get disability payments so I can get another car. The 2 cars I purchased right before they took over my home were damaged badly by these people and are sitting in my driveway at the location of my business’s and my home.

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