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NSA Remote Neural Monitoring

Remote Neural Monitoring

Added to article: 6/19/21 Patent US5507291APatent US6011991A Original content from here down: Chad Diez name has come up multiple times in the last couple days. These are voices in my[…]

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Metlife Lawyer tricks in Examination under Oath

Metlife Lawyer Caught Red Handed in Examination under Oath! This is 4 hours into the Metlife Insurance Lawyer interrogating me. Dana Denno from Mccormick Barstow LLP interrogating me over 2[…]

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Methamphetamine Sales Training from DEA/DOJ?

Registered with the DEA after completing the ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine sales training from the DOJ and DEA for only $21. Seems way to easy to be able to legally[…]

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