Who knows what life will hold

Voices from NSA Brain Link Technology

7/13/21 9:26 am The voices have been stating all morning that they were working on something to program me to be a complete and total slave and have no possible way to break free of the programming. Now that I posted this up they are now stating that they are going to program me to…
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Death Threats from the Voices

6/30/2021 Figured out apparently the voices I hear on my left are on a discord server and the ones that are on the right are on a ventrilo server, voices I hear from behind me are on Teamspeak. I do not yet have the information. The ones on the left were saying if I leave…
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Random weird phone calls

Getting calls from a # 279-842-1835 now asking if I knew Phil or weird Bill or something then after saying no started asking me if I knew any martial art multiple time. Sounded like he was somewhat trying to disguise his voice and acting very strange.

Remote Neural Monitoring

Added to article: 6/19/21 Patent US5507291APatent US6011991A Original content from here down: 5763 Chad Diez / 5733 Chad Bridges name has come up multiple times in the last couple days. These are voices in my head that can communicate with me and apparently see exactly what I see and even seem to get text readouts…
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Metlife Lawyer tricks in Examination under Oath

Metlife Lawyer Caught Red Handed in Examination under Oath! This is 4 hours into the Metlife Insurance Lawyer interrogating me. Dana Denno from Mccormick Barstow LLP interrogating me over 2 claims from 2019 and one that went from the end of 2019 into 2020. Sorry for the fact my jaw doesn’t open very wide due…
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Methamphetamine Sales Training from DEA/DOJ?

Registered with the DEA after completing the ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine sales training from the DOJ and DEA for only $21. Seems way to easy to be able to legally possess and sell Scheduled listed drugs made from these list 1 drugs, like Methamphetamines which is listed on list 2. Not sure about the ethics…
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Metlife SOP to not pay Claims

Even their building casts it’s dark shadow over good people… The first claim has been open since June 2019 as I was carjacked and kidnapped, this was only a few thousand dollars worth of things I was claiming in damages, nothing has been paid out on it and they ignored me entirely until I made…
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Protected: Trusted Friends and Brothers Read

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Trying to explain things I’ve been hearing and having happen to me to an old friend I look to as a brother.

I’ve just been trying to relieve stress. I hear voices constantly saying they are ascended people telling me different things. Like most recently the doppelganger civilization that was in this existence was switched back with the. Correct ones that belong here and the ones that were here back in another existence they belonged in You…
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Rocklin Police Rob Local Business of Product and within 24 hours cause another.

The other day I posted the Self Certification and details of legality surrounding the ability permitted by the DEA/DOJ to possess and sell Methamphetamines’ as a business to anyone. While It appears to be legal the local law enforcement refuse to even verify the law or certification paper that is given by the DEA and…
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